At the Butcher Club, burgers ain’t burgers, and our sausages certainly ain’t your typical snags. In fact, when you buy a burger or sausage from us, you’ll be getting exactly what it says on the box.

Let’s start with the beef supreme sausage. It’s 100% beef. Our pork, apple and sage sausage? Just pork, apple and sage. How about our herb and garlic chicken sausage? Well … it’s 100% chicken, herbs and garlic.

So these aren’t your standard supermarket ‘mystery bags’. We take pride in our sausages and we’re sure you’ll taste the difference. No filler, no waste, no leftovers. Just 100% delicious, hand-made sausages. Each sausage recipe was borne from hundreds of hours experimenting, tweaking and ingredient mixing to extract the very best out of each flavour. We take the same approach with our burgers, which we make fresh on-site, to the Butcher Club’s exacting standards.

So ditch the mass-produced, cardboard burgers and sub-par snags. There’s no excuse for that now you have The Butcher Club!


Sausages/Burgers 2


Sausages/Burgers 3


Sausages/Burgers 4

The Butcher Club's barbie tips

  • Fire up your barbecue grill to medium heat for burgers – low-to-medium heat for sausages.
  • Brush the burgers and snags in oil and cook for 4-5mins each side (burgers); or, consistently rotate for 7-8 minutes (sausages).
  • When cooking snags, I like to close the barbecue lid – particularly with our thicker, gourmet sausages – to get a bit of heat into the middle. If you don’t have a lid, it doesn’t matter – just keep turning them until cooked.
  • Throw a few onion slices onto your barbecue plate, cook until brown and remove everything from the heat.
  • Dish up some home-made relish and piece together your dream burger with cheese and beetroot on a roll. And don’t forget to add egg and bacon if you want to get fancy!